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Pure Geometry


Pure Geometry

Autor: Sony Europe

We’ve always believed that the look of our televisions should be just as important as the technology inside.  

Of course, this isn’t something that’s easy to achieve, but we believe we’ve done a better job than ever with Pure Geometry – our new design theme for 2014.


This year, Pure Geometry sees us place a strong focus on shapes. Tako, chief art director for BRAVIA, sums it up: “As with road signs, sometimes we know the meaning of things from their shape or silhouette, even before we see their colour or message. It’s the same in product design. We investigate inherent values and strip away nonessential lines and other elements to create shapes with simple, powerful silhouettes.”


BRAVIA design.png


When we began to explore Pure Geometry, we started by thinking about the living room. We found that it’s a room based around simple, geometric shapes - rectangular tables and windows, round lights and knobs and triangular roofs, for example.


We designed our BRAVIA televisions with this same geometric purity in mind - rectangular screens of jaw-dropping quality, circular front-facing speakers and an innovative, triangular wedge design on our X9 4K Ultra HD models.


BRAVIA design 2.jpg


Yokota, producer and designer for our BRAVIA televisions, explains further: “TV screens and stands generally consist of different design elements. Instead of this, we wanted to reduce these elements and combine the screen and legs into a simple, coherent unit that would look better in rooms – as natural as a piece of furniture.”


With Pure Geometry, we’ve created a range of BRAVIA televisions that are guaranteed to be the new talking point in your living room. Find out more about Pure Geometry by visiting the design page.  


Hi there


This may sound a little picky, but - Can the rendered graphics please be more relisitic to the average person. 


For a start, no one in their right mind would plonk a TV directly in front of those large windows looking out.  Secondly, is that home where the TV is displayed realistic to the average UK persons home that wuold purchase that TV?




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